Vietnamese children with autism through US photographer’s eyes

Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, April 22, 2016

(CPV) - An exhibition on Vietnamese children with autism by US photographer Debbie Rasiel has opened in Hanoi.

In this exhibition, a collective portrait of Vietnamese children with autism, their families and caregivers taken in Hanoi, Ha Long and Ho Chi Minh city was on display.

The exhibition is also presenting pictures of their peers in Indonesia, New York, Mexico and Iceland, which Rasiel captured over the last three years.

“Nhìn | Picturing Autism Vietnam” is part of photographer Debbie Rasiel’s journey across disparate landscapes, language barriers and cultural divides to document the lives of families with living autism.

Debbie Rasiel is a photographer and art historian. She has worked for NGOs in New York and South Africa. Debbie spent several years documenting a paper-making poverty relief program and an AIDS orphanage outside of Johannesburg.

Her photographs from South Africa are included in a book, “Women on Purpose”, funded by the Ford Foundation. She has also written about and curated exhibitions for other artists, including a book and an exhibit on Dorothea Lange.

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